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M25LTG Education 4.0 (The machines are coming …)

Katalin Hanniker went along to the autumn M25 Learning and Technology Group’s meeting on Monday to find out learning tech Education 4.0 in and around the M25. Ruth Drysdale from JISC opened the session with a talk about the ‘4th industrial revolution’ and the impact, now and in the future, of the internet and digitalisation […]

Assistive Technologies Seminar

Recently, Lauren Regan and Rachel O’Callaghan, along with colleagues from the library, attended an Assistive Technologies seminar in Berkshire. This event enabled companies to showcase a mixture of software and physical aids to assist all students to develop their learning in a way that is individually suitable for them. Additionally, throughout the day, there were sessions […]


IDEAS is an innovative scheme which supports staff and students to get engaged in partnerships and produce educational video resources. Although we have had support from the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning the project has been completely led and developed by us, the team of seven EduInterns working this year on projects in the Education […]

Panopto roadmap

Panopto is an audio-visual system designed to easily record and produce educational materials, which can be made available online and offline (on mobile devices) for students to review at a time, pace and location of their choosing.   In a similar note to the previous “SurreyLearn roadmap” post, this will be the first of a […]

SurreyLearn roadmap

SurreyLearn is one of the core platforms supported by the TEL department as a tool that can be used in a wide variety of ways to enhance learning, teaching and assessment. This is supplied by D2L (Desire2Learn) and is also known as “Brightspace”. We are actively and strategically working with D2L and 3rd party suppliers […]

Reflections on EXciTeS

The Surrey Excellence in Teaching Symposium, ExciTeS, is a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and share experiences of innovation in learning and teaching. This year TEL presented at five sessions, representing the range and extent of our work. At the conference I reported on one of our projects – a student–staff partnership. Our project was part […]

Join the Virtual and Augmented Realities in Education Network at Surrey

Researchers, designers and faculty staff launched a network last week exploring virtual and augmented realities in education at Surrey University and our local communities. Surrey researchers are at the forefront of AI and machine learning, developing immersive technologies which can inspire exciting multi-sensory learning experiences beyond the range of human perception. Virtual and Augmented reality […]

Visiting BETT

On 23rd of January we visited the BETT show. It is an industry show in the education technology landscape, bringing together 800+ leading companies, 103 exciting new educational technology start-ups and over 34,000 attendees from the global education community. We were interested to see and try the new technologies for the education industry and to gain […]

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