How to change the module leader in SurreyLearn

We often get asked about how the module leader in SurreyLearn can be updated… especially at this time of year….

So we thought this would make for some useful information for our first blog post!

The information for the module leader comes from the classlist in SurreyLearn which is populated by the integration with SITS, so please ensure the information is correct there in the first instance (in the MOD and MAV screen in SITS which can be checked by your student services/modules team), this ensures that an incorrect module leader won’t be re-enrolled.

As a staff member you can update who is shown as the module leader in SurreyLearn and it is a straight forward process which I have created a screencast for here:

The steps shown in the video are that from the classlist you tick the checkbox next to the person you wish to make the module leader, click the enrolment button, change the role to module leader and click Save. You may find if you already have a module leader enrolled they take precedent (based on alphabetical order) so you can use the same process as above to switch them to staff if they shouldn’t be enrolled as the leader.