Animation tools @ Surrey

With the introduction of the captured content policy in July 2018 there has been an increase in demand for tools that can be used to create engaging audio/visual content for use in teaching and learning.

As a result, with the help of the TEL interns, we have been looking at the different animation platforms available and assessed their functionality, ease of use and suitability for all three faculties across the University.  From a list of five, we have narrowed it down to two platforms, which we will buy a small number of 1 year educational licences to carry out further trials with staff.  The two we will be trialing are Powtoons and VideoScribe: Powtoons contains cartoon style characters and objects to create engaging animated presentations and VideoScribe can be used to create whiteboard animations for explainer style short animations.

We will be looking for staff to use these platforms to create engaging animated presentations and provide feedback on their experience of using it and the response from students.  The TEL interns will be providing staff and students with accounts as part of the IDEAS project and we are looking for staff volunteers or for nominations for students who may create content for a department.  If you would be interested in being involved please contact your Faculty Digital Learning Coordinator who can help you get started.