Visiting BETT

On 23rd of January we visited the BETT show. It is an industry show in the education technology landscape, bringing together 800+ leading companies, 103 exciting new educational technology start-ups and over 34,000 attendees from the global education community.
We were interested to see and try the new technologies for the education industry and to gain plenty of valuable insight and inspiration. It was very exciting for us to join the hub of education innovation – where entrepreneurs, business leaders and educators gather together to transform education.
The biggest players of the industry were present and we had a chance to try the newest technology that has been developed for teaching and learning. The themes for BETT this year were based on the needs and challenges of the education community, bringing together outstanding examples of people and organisations, to inspire, celebrate and share best practice.
It’s been a great show…a buzzing atmosphere, thought provoking sessions and most of all powerful conversations into what the future of the education holds. We continue to look ahead to the future of education and the very best in ideas, inspiration and cutting-edge technology.