Join the Virtual and Augmented Realities in Education Network at Surrey

Researchers, designers and faculty staff launched a network last week exploring virtual and augmented realities in education at Surrey University and our local communities. Surrey researchers are at the forefront of AI and machine learning, developing immersive technologies which can inspire exciting multi-sensory learning experiences beyond the range of human perception.

Virtual and Augmented reality learning can open new doors across higher education. Flynn Booler-Stewart of Creative Arts Farnham , presenting his Augmented Reality in STEM dissertation said

“By improving STEM education through the use of mixed reality we can hopefully lower some of the barriers to education that can make it difficult for some disadvantaged communities to hurdle”

Staff used Homido headsets to explore virtual expeditions through coral reefs, cells and arteries controlled through a simple iPad app being used by FHMS students and staff.

Technology Enhanced Learning sponsors this new network. We are actively exploring opportunities for local, national and international collaboration. FHMS are already working on a partnership with Newcastle University, Australia to develop virtual reality learning in resuscitation and midwifery and Pirbright Institute are looking to use VR to bypass existing constraints because of biocontainment of viruses and hazardous biological matter. FEPS and FASS are developing cutting edge simulations in chemical processing engineering and music.

We will showcase the latest research in mixed reality education and link with external experts monthly.

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