Panopto roadmap

Panopto is an audio-visual system designed to easily record and produce educational materials, which can be made available online and offline (on mobile devices) for students to review at a time, pace and location of their choosing.


In a similar note to the previous “SurreyLearn roadmap” post, this will be the first of a regular series that will highlight upcoming developments within Panopto. Whilst lots of under the bonnet work is delivered with each release to improve the product’s back-end and technical capabilities, below are five key areas that Panopto aim to deliver within the next 12 months which may be of interest to academic staff:

  1. Video creation workflows: this includes browser-based recordings, without the need to install software, the ability to capture specific applications only or portions of the screen, a new presenter view and admin presets for ease of locking in recommended settings and scene change detection
  2. Administration and library management: capability to assign department level administrators, features for content retention policies and easy course copy session shortcuts, subscriptions and tags
  3. Analytics: new creator dashboards that display a variety of data under graphs and pie charts related to user engagement
  4. Mobile apps and interactivity: a unified, device-agnostic player with mobile multi-stream support, quizzing, notes and searching
  5. Webcasting improvements in regards to registration, attendee communication and engagement reports

TEL staff are actively representing Surrey’s needs in this area within the UK Panopto User Group, customer surveys, product & service reviews and more.  We would therefore welcome feedback, questions and suggestions from both staff and students. You can do so by contacting your Faculty Digital Learning Coordinator in the first instance.