Surrey meets the UAE

An insight into life at Surrey from current students from the UAE

Midterm Exam Time at Surrey

I am in my final year of university and have spent an amazing 3 years here, learning the culture and enjoying what this town has to offer us. In January exam season was in full effect, with everyone knuckling down to study and do as well as possible in their midterms. With a much-needed break […]


Brighton Pier was opened on May 20 1899.  Many pieces of history remain on the pier including some of the original kiosks, a signal cannon from the Old Chain Pier and filigree ironwork arches that graced the original structure. Open 364 days a year, Brighton Pier has two amusement arcades, a restaurant and bars. Roughly an hour and […]

Exam Period and Dissertation

Having just completed my final two assessments at Surrey University, I was greatly helped with my stay at the Library for the past few weeks. While writing a self-reflective essay, the SPLASH department had many materials on how to write this form of essay and with the scholarly articles available on surrey library website it […]

Last Class of MBA

While assignments and dissertation is still pending we are done with the module. Was a thrilling experience to gain knowledge and get others critical perspectives about myself as an individual from various students and professors around the globe. We decided to do our celebrations mostly on campus and in town for this special day of accomplishment, […]

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