Surrey meets the UAE

An insight into life at Surrey from current students from the UAE

Surrey Library

University of Surrey has a world class Library facility which with Five levels and ample space for all students. Since it is exam period for all students the following two weeks, it will be a destined placed to get more work done rather than from your room with distractions. The library includes a lot of […]

Time before the Exams

It is the New Year, but many if you still may not be feeling that excited about it as the Exams are around the corner. This does not mean their is no time to spend for some leisure and fun activities, such as going for bowling, playing pool or top golf. Any sort of activity […]

3 days to New Years (2018)

The places to go during these next three days would ideally have Winter Wonderland as option to go with friends and family to enjoy the varieties of food available, lighting on the roads and boxing day sales out near oxford street. Winter wonderland is a place you will be easily able to spend hours at […]

MBA FT Program at Surrey, End of Semester 1

The MBA Full Time course is an extensive one year program, which started on 25 September 2017 includes of 8 assignments for the first semester. Having just finished my share of the assignments, now will be preparing to enjoy the Christmas holidays and study at the same time for the only exam of the course […]