Surrey meets the USA

An insight into life at Surrey from current US students

End of the Year

Hello! Just some quick updates on some of the logistical things that I have been dealing with: Still no date for a National Insurance number…they want it to be difficult. I have heard the problem is because I have dual citizenship (USA and England), while being just one makes the process way easier. I had […]

Spring Break and Onwards!

Hello again! I have just arrived back in Guildford after a whopping four week long Spring Break. Feel free to really appreciate the fact that English Spring Break, or as they call it “Easter Break”, is about two weeks longer than the American one 🙂 Plenty of time to lounge around, eat all the food […]

Hello America from Sunny(ish) Guildford!

Be it the literal first word or not, ‘twee’ is likely what comes to mind when most Americans picture a life in England. Whilst it’s true that this 16th century village life can (almost) be had just down the A25 at Shere or Gomshall— two lovely villages near uni— there’s far more to the UK, […]

Hello from a Washingtonian!

Hello my fellow Americans! I am Holly, a first year Computing student from Bellevue, Washington. I was born in California, but have spent most of my life in Washington. If you know anything about Washington, I pretty much fit the stereotype. Rain, hippies, and Starbucks run the state. The Seahawks are the best “American” football […]

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