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What it means to be a doctoral student and how important they are in the Research and Innovation ecosystem

In this blog, I reflect on what it means to be a doctoral student, how important doctoral students are in the research and innovation ecosystem, and what we are doing to support them during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. Importance to the Research and Innovation Base We tend to forget that the concept of the […]


So, given all the emails, web pages, articles in The Conversation, in the THE, from UUK, CBI, UKRI, etc. etc., what can I provide that might add a few drops of value to this massive bolus of expert commentary. Well, I have a couple of observations that you can judge as to their utility in […]

Giving back, feeding back

Today’s blog is about why you should feed back by answering our new surveys coming soon. Patience – I need to build the case! Giving back Why did I take on this tough job as VPRI?  I could have simply continued doing lots of research, writing papers, supervising students, winning funding, travelling the world giving talks, […]

Opening remarks – Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Surrey – CHeSS

13 November 2019 Jointly hosted by the Urban Living and Sustainability Research Themes Recently, I attended the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee meeting at Westminster – it was entitled “Climate Change – is there a Plan B?” It was explained that during the warm periods over the last million or so years CO2 levels fell in […]

Opening Remarks – Launch Event for the Lifelong Health Research Theme – 6 November 2019

STRATEGIC RESEARCH THEME: LIFELONG HEALTH As part of the University of Surrey’s ambitious objectives for research excellence and impact, a series of thematic strategic research priorities has been identified. Lifelong Health is the latest of these Research Themes, launched in August 2019. Thus states our shiny new web page! So, Lifelong Health – there is […]

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