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Updates on Research and Innovation from the Office of Professor David Sampson – Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation

Opening Remarks – Launch Event for the Lifelong Health Research Theme – 6 November 2019

STRATEGIC RESEARCH THEME: LIFELONG HEALTH As part of the University of Surrey’s ambitious objectives for research excellence and impact, a series of thematic strategic research priorities has been identified. Lifelong Health is the latest of these Research Themes, launched in August 2019. Thus states our shiny new web page! So, Lifelong Health – there is […]

Opening Remarks – Launch Event for the new Ethics and Governance Review Process, 18 September 2019

Exemplary ethical conduct sits at the heart of scholarship and research, and has done so at the University of Surrey since inception. Ethical guidelines and frameworks are provided by funders. Regulatory compliance and governance oversight are required by government policy, the legal system, and various bodies, such as the Human Tissue Authority. And demonstration of […]

Discussing knowledge transfer for a competitive advantage – the Surrey Research Park-Campus Engagement Initiative

When I came here for interview, the University’s then COO David Sharkey drove me around the park – I quickly become disorientated – going in circles confuses me. But I was left with one lasting impression – that I felt like I was in Santa Clara, which is a part of Silicon Valley. Solid low-rise […]

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