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Updates on Research and Innovation from the Office of Professor David Sampson – Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation

What should we expect from a Research Theme?

In my last blog, I focussed on the priorities of the VPRI portfolio in 2018/19, which, in essence, support the Research & Innovation elements of the Corporate Strategy, and begin to implement the recommendations of the two reviews conducted early last year, on research services and on innovation. The specific priorities are to support the […]

The VPRI Agenda 2018

We launched our 2017-2022 Corporate Strategy late in 2017. You may be somewhat cynical about corporate strategies in general, with some justification, as they are often very “motherhood and apple pie”. As these things go, Surrey’s is a very good one, and provides clear direction for us as an organisation. I recommend you read it […]

Greetings to Surrey

I have been at Surrey for three months and thought it about time to begin a more structured dialogue with the university research & innovation community. I have now visited all academic departments, schools and major research centres in the University and have been delighted with the welcome I have received and the levels of […]

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