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Can online communities play a role in fostering more sustainable practices?

In this blog Centre of Environmental Strategy MSc student Meg Roper shares the finding from her research dissertation. There is increasingly a consensus that technological advances alone will not mitigate the environmental impact of our unsustainable consumption patterns and that behaviour change is needed. As Tim Jackson summed up, researchers have long recognised that behaviour […]

Are we headed for runaway climate change? Is the future a planet like Venus?

Dr Jonathan Chenoweth gives an overview of the side-event that he attended this morning at COP21.   I have just been to another fascinating parallel session at COP21, this time focusing upon the risks of irreversible cryosphere climate change, with this session chaired by the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative. The Cryosphere refers to the ice […]

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Isn’t it about time that we all followed through?

Kelly Boazman is the Operations Director of the Practitioner Doctorate in Sustainability programme. You can follow her on Twitter @kel_b22. This morning I accepted a leaflet that resembled a dollar bill from a very purposeful-looking campaigner while I was in the queue for the COP21 shuttle bus. I did this without really thinking about it (as […]

Food security and climate change

Dr Jonathan Chenoweth summarises the discussions at one of the COP21 side-events considering food security. Find out more about what CES is doing at COP21.   Representatives from 190 countries are busy here at COP21 trying to develop an agreement to prevent catastrophic climate change from occurring; however global climate change has already been happening: […]

How sustainable is COP21?

Dr Jonathan Chenoweth is attending the United Nations 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) on behalf of CES. He shares his impressions so far: Arriving at COP21 this morning I quickly realised the scale of this international conference. Getting off at the train station closest to the conference venue in north Paris, hundreds of others also […]

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