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Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering

Luke Deamer is a doctoral practitioner in sustainability sponsored by Keller plc, the world’s largest geotechnical specialist contractor. He is 5 months in to his research, investigating how to improve the sustainability of geotechnical engineering. A large part of my research is understanding what drivers and barriers exist for sustainability in geotechnical engineering. As part […]

Whole life thinking, supply networks, SDGs and a waterless urinal

By Erica Russell, Doctoral Practitioner, University of Surrey We all know construction is fragmented, supply networks are complex and sustainability issues are messy and wicked (and yes, they are academic terms too!). This is the world I have explored over the last 3 years, looking at sustainable procurement through the lens of life cycle thinking, […]

2019 Fearless Forecast for the Planet

Blog by Jen Horn, MSc Sustainable Development 2018-2019 Though conversations on environmental sustainability or climate change are usually filled with fear, anxiety, helplessness, and feelings akin to depression, and worst of all apathy, I write today with the intention to spark, sustain and reignite hope. In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released […]

IAPS 25 – International Association People-Environment Studies Conference, Rome – 13/07/18

Patrick Elf reflects upon the recent IAPS conference in Rome: The last time I visited the eternal city was 2 years ago, and no matter if eternal or not, things here change as well. Between the old, beautifully crafted buildings with a seemingly endless number of cafes and overpriced gelaterias, more and more foreign faces […]

Money does make the world go round

Runner up in the 2018 CES World Environment Day blog competition: Author: Rebecca Mitchell The Environment, Society, and the Economy form the three main pillars of what we term ‘Sustainable Development’. The intricate balance and complex interrelationships between which determine every aspects of modern life (Holden, Linnerud and Banister, 2016). The continued degradation of our global […]

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