Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Indian students.

Academic features in Surrey you might find insightful

Hi everyone! A bit about the academic features this time! Did you know more than 80% of the lecture theatres at Surrey have lecture capture? Lecture capture is an automated lecture recording system, and the students can access these lectures in their Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for future reference. I personally love this feature because […]

Placement experience part 2 (with pictures!)

Hello, hope everyone’s having a glorious November! As promised, today I will be sharing my placement year experience. So, picking up from where we left off, doing a placement is great for professional and personal development. But what else? What about social and extra-curricular activities? Here’s my story: I did my placement with Vertex Pharmaceuticals […]

Dude! Where’s my Time!

Heeyylloo to all readers !!! So Its been a month and I have not realized where did October go…I mean I just realized it is the end of October today and I have even missed out on celebrating my birthday. But its definitely not because I am lazy or neglegent. Well sometimes I am and […]

Fresh Start !!!

Heeyylloo to all readers !!! Have you ever wondered how it would feel graduating from the university that has given you everything you could have asked for as a student. It would distort those who wouldn’t want to grow up like me…lol But this is definitely an opportunity to grasp at new horizons and achieve […]

Hello again! Following my last post on the conference at Rome, here’s a picture blog on the fun stuff I got to do over the span of 10 days in Italy. Roma running into something so magnificent every 300 to 400 meters you walk.. was quite fascinated by the colour schemes around the entire city […]

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