Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Indian students.

Hello again! Following my last post on the conference at Rome, here’s a picture blog on the fun stuff I got to do over the span of 10 days in Italy. Roma running into something so magnificent every 300 to 400 meters you walk.. was quite fascinated by the colour schemes around the entire city […]

IAPS Conference at Rome

It’s time to talk Italy.. I had the chance to present my dissertation at the Young researcher’s Workshop as part of the 25th IAPS Conference in Rome earlier this month. IAPS is International Association for People-Environment Studies and the perfect association to be a part of if you are doing my course or any other similar […]

Masters Dissertation

Hello all! I am back from my 10 day trip to Italy (which I will tell you more about in my next post) feeling so much relaxed and refreshed to get back to my dissertation. Thought I should tell you more about doing a masters dissertation which can come in handy for when you’ve to do […]


Hello! I think many of you would be happy to hear that I am not a big fan of cooking and have very less experience in the kitchen. I used to cook when I was in high school I think and never bothered after. I am very lazy and annoyed when it comes to cooking, but I now […]

It’s summer!

  Hi all I’m so very excited about summer ever since (and even before) I’ve finished my exams last week. Did a few exciting things this week. Just a little too tired from working for my discussion with my dissertation supervisor, to be writing about it all. So here are more and more pictures for you! a. […]

Where to Live on Campus

Hey all! Thought I’d write to you about living on campus before it was too late for you to apply or make your choices. Living on campus is great fun. It’s also so much easier to live on campus close to the library, teaching blocks, being very close to the town centre and train station […]

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