More than just a classroom…

When I decided to join a Masters course, I was baffled about which university to choose. But carefully assessing my options, I made my choice. University of Surrey it is! To put it in words, it is more than just a classroom…

Am sure that subject specific and overall rankings speak for themselves. But what’s more interesting is the opportunities to grow apart from your core subject area. And I am going to talk about all the facilities that you can access without any additional cost! Isn’t that terrific?

You can opt to register for the Global Graduate Award for Languages, Sustainability, Global Citizenship and Entrepreneurship. Now wouldn’t that be a highlight on your CV. And once you have successfully completed your course, it becomes part of your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report). I have opted for Languages, and I got to meet other students from different streams/years of study who share similar interests. It is just so much fun!

The University also offers an Employability award programme which you can join to stand out in the employer selection process for internships, placements and graduate-level jobs. You can add this to your CV to reflect your extra-curricular achievements. Upon completion of the award, you will receive a certificate and it is also mentioned on your HEAR.

You also get an opportunity to join Language and Culture Exchange Scheme where you can find a language partner who speaks the language you want to learn or improve. In return you can help them practise your first language and you can also make a new friend!

If you are not sure about your English language skills, you can also join English Language Support Programme and get access to one-to-one tutorials to support you with your written assignments, presentations and study skills.

Now apart from study and extra-curricular, money management skills are also crucial during your university life, and they don’t come easy. Fret not, you can just book a free appointment with a money adviser for help on budgeting, student finance and more. You can also avail cost of living support if you meet the eligibility.

Moving on to personal aspects of your life here, University has a centre for wellbeing dedicated to providing one at a time focused counselling to support students through mental, emotional and psychological issues, as well as signposting to clinical services. Also, when you arrive here you need to register with a GP to be able to access health services provided by NHS. Now how convenient it is to have a GP right on campus just a few steps away from your accommodation!

Even before you arrive on campus you will be assigned your personal tutor whom you can contact in case of any guidance on studies, career path and much more. Besides this, you will receive all the support that you need in all aspects of your life at the University from various departments. From one-on-one appointments regarding maths, statistics, academic writing, exam tips to career counselling, advice on drafting your CV, cover letter and even mock interviews for your desired job role.

With just a half hour train ride away from central London coupled with the peace and beauty of Guildford town, doesn’t University of Surrey seem like a perfect choice now?