Get to know our library…

One of the most invaluable place on campus…our library!

Join me on a journey of discovery as we unveil the treasures hidden within its walls and explore the wealth of resources it offers to enhance our academic endeavors.

Open 24/7 and 365 days of the year, it’s the first place that comes to my mind when I think of studying. There are multiple sections within this space to meet all your different needs. With silent zones where you can literally hear the pin drop, to rooms for group discussions with all the required amenities such as display screen, which you can book for working on the group projects that will part of your module assessments. There are desktops (some even with dual display) to use on each floor of this extensive 5 floor building.

And when I don’t feel like carrying my laptop to the class, I just grab one from the library which I can rent at no charge! How cool is that! Also our printing needs are met with the free yearly allowance that we get being a student here. Even Simply fresh is just at the library’s entrance, so it gets easier to grab a bite or two when we study at the library or just in between classes.

There is also an electronics repair station which you can access in case your laptop or accessories break down.

And did you know we have electronic lockers available on campus at multiple locations including the library so you don’t have to carry your bag everywhere you go. You can freely roam just with your mobile on you.

Also FYI, if you’re taking one of the free language classes which I had mentioned in my last post, your classes will also be taking place at the library which has one floor fully dedicated to language center.

Moving on to mention the major services that library provides,

Student support services such as:

  1. Academic skills and development support – Striving to get the best from students, they deliver workshops, conduct one-on-one advice sessions and also provide readily accessible online resources. Helping to improve your academic writing skills and critical thinking ability for the course assessments as well as for the future career growth.
  2. Disability and neurodiversity support – They have an experienced team to help disabled students achieve their potential and fully participate in university life. They can support while applying to the university, make specific adjustments to your teaching, learning or assessments, and also provide 1:1 support. They can even get you preferential accommodation or parking permits if you meet certain criteria.
  3. Mathematics and statistics advice drop-ins – Substantial and comprehensive mathematics and statistics advice and support is available to all Surrey students, regardless of the subject of study. This is done through bookable remote appointments so students can access it as per their convenience.

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Access to Open research:

This is a great resource to use as part of your dissertation or research degree. They seek to make research easily discoverable, transparent, publicly available and re-usable. Stuck on how to start your research? Fret not! The Open Research Training module encourages you to think of practices you can apply to your own research, and develop an Open Research plan. At the end of the module you will receive the Open Research training module badge: a digital micro-credential that you can add to your CV and Surrey profile. Surrey has a vibrant Open Research community and provides a number of ways for researchers to come together to discuss and learn about open and transparent practices. They also have a Teams channel to exchange opinions, news, and resources.

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Archives and Special Collections:

The collections include the University’s own institutional archive dating back to the foundation of Battersea Polytechnic in 1891, the collections of the National Resource Centre for Dance, several collections related to renowned illustrator E H Shepard (Winnie-the-Pooh and The Wind in the Willows) and a range of other subject-specific collections.  They can be explored both physically and remotely and you can make an appointment to view them and also get copies of material for personal research purposes and publication.

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I encourage each of you to make full use of the Library. It’s not just a building with shelves of books; it’s a dynamic space that fosters learning, collaboration, and personal growth. Whether you’re a first-year student or a seasoned scholar, it is your gateway to academic excellence. Embrace the opportunities it offers, and let the library become an integral part of your academic journey at the University of Surrey. Happy studying!