Surrey Student Ambassador 2021

Hello there!

It has been a while, and University has been busy! I’m happy to have found the time in to come and say hello, and it’s a pleasure to be here.  

Since University began this year, it has been a busy few months! As it might be for many Post Grad Master’s Students, the second semester goes by in a jiffy – assignments, coursework and dissertations deadlines keep you engaged throughout the semester. I’ve come to appreciate the hybrid learning methods in my course, and I’d love to share a few insights about how it has been, 6 months in (6 Months – How!).

Most of my lectures here at the university have been offline, with online support. What this means is that while I have lectures on campus, there are elements of asynchronous learning on SurreyLearn, the academic portal of the University where extra readings, learning exercises and pre-recorded lectures are posted. For instance, in a module this semester, the lectures mainly consist of discussions and introductions to topics in the pre-recorded lectures. In some others, the asynchronous elements are just readings or research paper highlights. Seminars, conferences and workshops can happen online, and this is part of the hybrid learning experience.  

As students, engaging with academic content outside of lectures can be highly beneficial. With most lectures recorded and uploaded to SurreyLearn, going back to lectures you may have missed and you would like to review becomes easy and accessible. All lecture materials are available on SurreyLearn, and that definitely helps when you’re looking for reference materials in the middle of writing an essay! 

My experiences with hybrid learning have honestly been quite transformative in terms of how I engage with my Master’s. By being able to have access to resources and Study materials, it takes the pressure off from being constantly on your toes – life as a student can get exhausting, and this helps! I’ve begun to pace myself and set deadlines more effectively as the semester progresses, while taking care of my well being. 

If you’re a student who has a lot going on at University like a part time job, work, or anything else, hybrid learning here is something you might be happy about. It gives you the time and space to balance multiple activities, just like how I am writing this essay in the library while I’m on a break from watching my lectures! 

Well, it is time to head back and start chipping away at those essays. I’m glad to be here, and I shall come with updates soon!