Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Indian students.

Familiar Freedom

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!   Do you remember how it was to be a kid running around in shorts and slippers, playing cricket with you buddies waiting for the ice-cream truck and keeping your change ready to grab that bubble gum flavoured ice candy…No? Maybe it was just me…lol   So I had been […]

Easter Break – Picture blog

Hey all! This is an extended post on the last week of our Easter break. It had been a while since I explored someplace new and decided to head to Southampton for the weekend – a quick getaway, followed by an amazing week on campus with a 28degrees weather and a day trip to London. a. Winchester – Southampton weekend Southampton is a port city on […]

It’s Spring break, woohoo!

Happy Easter from the University!! We are now in the middle of our spring break which started March 26th and will extend until 23rd April. The weather is getting better and I haven’t felt happier! And in the 4 weeks, I have yes two assignments and a dissertation to work on. Not to forget my […]

Final Battle of Bollywood

Say hello to Rangeela Surrey! Guys, I’m so excited to tell you all that the Bollywood Dance Team bagged the third place at Battle of Bollywood 4 at Sadler’s Wells, London Last Saturday! After months of dedicating time for rehearsals by juggling and skipping lectures and powering through sick days, we finally have a great load of memories and […]


Hi there!! I’ve been incredibly busy for the past three weeks and have finally decided to not stay dormant and talk to you all about my busy weeks 😛 The first two weeks was the most exciting as my family visited me in the UK and we managed to squeeze in a tiny Euro-trip in […]

Familiar Oppurtunities

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!   Finally !! The day arrived when you have completed a semester and are looking forward to the “Reading Week” after endless hours of submissions and preparations for exams. In my case, the most memorable time of this semester was definitely the 4 nights I stayed awake procrastinating and composing […]

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