Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Indian students.

Where to Live on Campus

Hey all! Thought I’d write to you about living on campus before it was too late for you to apply or make your choices. Living on campus is great fun. It’s also so much easier to live on campus close to the library, teaching blocks, being very close to the town centre and train station […]

Familiar Functionality

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!   Last minute preparations? I know every human being to have made plans this way and I too confer to the ways of planning and working when you’re put on the spot. I find it to be more effective to think logically under pressure keeping your mind stable and sharp, […]


Hi all, Last weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in the UK so far. I saw myself spending time with a wonderful lady, Basia, in a pretty little Victorian house in South London. This visit was arranged by the organisation called HOST UK, which is a great platform for international students (studying in […]

Familiar Colours of fun

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!   You would not believe if I told you that we celebrated Holi last week in the university premises on a massive lawn. So I have photographic proof that we did with the link to the facebook page of the union’s very own Indian Student Association. We have had Diwali […]

Familiar Transitions

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!   So I am finally back in the UK…I mean physically and mentally back in the UK…It is never an easy transition from the long easter break back to the chaotic coursework and exam preparation closing upon us in just few weeks. I personally do not have exams starting from […]

Familiar Freedom

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!   Do you remember how it was to be a kid running around in shorts and slippers, playing cricket with you buddies waiting for the ice-cream truck and keeping your change ready to grab that bubble gum flavoured ice candy…No? Maybe it was just me…lol   So I had been […]

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