Surrey meets India

An insight into life at Surrey from three current Indian students.

Getting to know me:)

Hey! My name is Deena and I’m a second-year student at the uni. I moved here from Mumbai, India to study on the BA Theatre and Performance degree at the Guildford School of Acting (which shares the University of Surrey campus). Making the decision to move away from home and the comfort of family can […]

Holidays at Manchester

I’ve been told often that I live in the greenest and the posh county of the country. Most of my travels within England so far has been in and around the southern and eastern England except for my trip to York. I had an opportunity this holiday season to visit the north, experience its distinctiveness […]

Clubs and Societies at Surrey

The University of Surrey is a very diverse university with students from all over the world. Students of different cultures, languages and religions all uniting for the common goal of high quality education. With such a vast spread its only natural that the university has clubs and societies to ensure these students always feel like […]

Diwali at Surrey

I know I am two months late but how can there not be a post about Diwali? Hey guys, Tarun here again! Hope everyone is doing great. With the holidays fast approaching I thought it would only be appropriate to talk about something which I very strongly relate with home. Dazzling fireworks, mouth watering sweets, […]

UKCISA International Student Forum

Hi all, I’ve had the honour of representing the University of Surrey at the first International Student Forum held by UKCISA in London earlier this month. UKCISA (pronounced you-key-sa) is UK Council for International Student Affairs. They are a charity that is actively involved in improving International Student experience by working with the students and […]

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