Don’t Wear Jeans To Xmas Lunch

Happy New Year everyone! Every January I have the same though that time is just flying by, but a new year comes with loads of exciting (and some nerve inducing) things. There’s so much to look forward to in the future, but I’ve been trying to stop myself from getting carried away and think about the present instead.

Final year has started and with it has come a rush of new work, projects and ideas. Although, after a somewhat slow first semester this new pace is a welcome change for me. I’ve been treating myself to small things (so my bank account doesn’t mind too much) that make me happy to help with the deadlines and assessments. My latest indulgence has been a bunch of wildflowers in my room and kitchen, they brighten up the space and never fail to put me in a better mood. I’ve also been cooking loads lately as I have the kitchen to myself, and buying fresh fruit, veg and fish from the weekend farmers market has led to me making any and every recipe I find on my Instagram feed- I’m particularly proud of the apple cake that was so good I made my mum make it back home as well! These little things have helped keep me going and I hope you have little things of your own to rely on for comfort😊

I spent Christmas in Dorset and didn’t realize how much I had missed being by the sea! We got lucky and had some amazing (but still windy) days where we went for walks by the cliffs, through the forest and by the sea. I’m an absolute sucker for Gothic architecture and walking through Highcliffe Castle’s grounds was such a treat for me. I haven’t been around much of the UK and seeing this whole new side to with beaches and forests was such an eye opener and I wish I had done it sooner!

I also learnt that most Christmas Eve/Day traditions involve overeating and jeans are not a good plan. I speak from uncomfortable experience. Seeing all these new foods piled up on my plate was the best kind of overwhelmed. I’ve discovered how much I love Yorkshire puddings and that there is no such thing as too many roast potatoes. Safe to say I had a brilliant Christmas break (have a scroll to see the new friend I made as well)!

 While New Years was cozy, but uneventful, being back in Guildford feels good. Every time the train pulls up to the platform, stepping down feels more and more like home. Being back to working on uni deadlines and having structure back in my daily routine is feeling great so fa, and fingers crossed this next semester goes smoothly for everyone😊

Take care of yourselves, buy some flowers and stay happy!