Women's Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon

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All The Winding World

by Kate Innes © Kate Innes     I take the flax, I take the wool and from the distaff, thread I pull. I take the yarn, I weave a cloth made of many lover’s knots. Around the spindle, I am bound. My heart, around your heart, is curled. Like the shuttle, up and down, […]

The Suffragette and the Nun: Christopher St John and Hrotsvit of Gandersheim

by Sue Niebrzydowski, University of Bangor In 2018 celebrations are being held throughout the United Kingdom to mark the centenary of women who owned property and were over thirty getting the vote. Feminist medievalists will be delighted, and very possibly surprised, to learn that the first female dramatist, Hrotsvit, canoness of Gandersheim Abbey (c.935 – […]

Eve of Wilton: the Anchorite, her Cell, and Medieval Women’s Literary Culture in England and the Continent

Anchorite’s Cell, St Nicholas, Compton. (c) Heike Bauer. Reproduced with permission. by Diane Watt, University of Surrey Anchorites were individuals, sometime laypeople rather than members of formal monastic orders, who lived a life of religious contemplation focused on prayer and devotion to the Eucharist. Theirs was a life of extreme enclosure, as they were quite […]

The Name of the Rose: The Rose and Authorial Persona in ‘Roman de La Rose’ and ‘Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose’.

Figure 1. Above, Narcissus at the fountain; Amant with Oiseuse at the gate. Below, the Dreamer in bed. Printed by kind permission of the British Library (London, British Library, MS Egerton 1069, fol. 1r)   By Teresa Pilgrim, Birkbeck, University of London As an undergraduate, I was first drawn to Roman de la Rose (1225-1278) […]

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