Women's Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon

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‘A lodging most meetest . . . chosen for a poor widow . . . in my old days’: Glimpsing Women’s Devotional Literary Culture in Bristol through its Late-Medieval Manuscripts

By Liz Herbert McAvoy The protracted meeting in Norwich between the aspiring urban vowess, Margery Kempe, and the anchoress, Julian of Norwich, in the latter’s cell at St Julian’s church, has been much discussed, not least in other contributions to this blog. There, Margery was eager to receive guidance from the older visionary to validate […]

Two Women in Conversation: Margery Kempe’s daughter-in-law and her possible influence on the writing of the Book.

by Santha Bhattacharji The Book of Margery Kempe, Chapter 18, British Library, Add. MS 61823. Credit: The British Library. This post[i] explores a possible ‘starting point’ for the writing of The Book of Margery Kempe (written c. 1438)[ii], sometimes described as the first autobiography in English. The Book records Margery Kempe’s mystical experiences, embedded in […]

New Publication:

Women and Medieval Literary Culture From the Early Middle Ages to the Fifteenth Century Women and Medieval Literary Culture from the Early Middle Ages to the Fifteenth Century is a new volume published by Cambridge University Press in August 2023 and the latest output of the Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon network. It unpacks the […]

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