Surrey meets Africa

An insight into life at Surrey from three current African students

Virtual Internships

Hi everyone! Back on the lockdown series… The latest government guidelines have relaxed some of the lockdown instructions. It is expected that restaurants, pubs and outdoor gyms will resume operations soon. During this time, it is becoming even more important to follow the safety measures which vary from venue to venue. I can only hope […]

Anne’s Cooking Show

Hi everyone! Back on the lockdown series… We have been experiencing a bout of unpredictable weather here in Guildford. On some days, we have highs of 30 degrees Celcius… and on other days, it is only cloudy and rainy. Luckily, I managed to snap this beautiful picture of Surrey Veterinary Medicine School on one of […]

Completing 2nd Year

Hi everyone! Back on the lockdown series… The 2019-2020 academic year has finally drawn to a close. Last Thursday, I completed my final online exam and just like that, the second year of my undergraduate degree has culminated. The idea of doing all my exams online for the very first time was disconcerting in the […]

The Stags are returning to Stag Hill

Hi everyone! Back on the lockdown series… It appears that the end is in sight! Last Thursday, the Government launched the Test and Trace programme which will allow them to replace a national lockdown with “local action”. This system allows for the NHS to monitor those who test positive for the Coronavirus or have had […]

Moving Around in Guildford

Hi everyone! Back on the lock-down series…          At the beginning of the week, the Government issued that unlimited exercise and meeting one friend at the park are now officially allowed, but warned that social distancing is still a crucial aspect of the current measures to tackle COVID-19. I cannot help but think back to […]

Life Update

First year is coming to a closing. So many things have changed since I started university; lot of new beginnings and bigs decisions! So, today I thought I’d give you a little update as to what’s happening in my world at the moment. I’ll start off with one of my big decisions which, in my […]

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