African Students at Surrey

An insight into life at Surrey from three current African students

Winter Wonderland vs ‘Somerkersfees’

Hi there! So I was lucky enough to experience this past festive season in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere! Let me tell you – Christmas goes down very differently depending on which side of the equator you find yourself. It was my first time experiencing the ‘Christmas cheer’ of the UK. What struck me […]

3 reasons why I love living in Guildford ☺️

Hello Everyone, If it’s true that I love traveling and have been enjoying discovering the UK (read my Explore the UK series), I also really enjoy living in Guildford. Located at the heart of the county of Surrey, Guildford is not a city but a town. Quick fact worth sharing : there are only 69 […]

Happy New Year 2018 🎉🎉🎉

Hello and Happy 2018! We all love that time of the year. It’s indeed the time for many of use to reflect on 2017 and be full of hope and positivity about 2018. As for me, 2017 was an amazing year and I am truly looking forward to an even greater 2018. I really enjoyed moving to […]

Handling the Holidays

Greetings from Kenya! I write this post to you from my beautiful home country. I cannot tell you how good it feels to have sun on my skin after a particularly rough start to winter in the UK these past few months. The weather where I am right now is a gorgeous 25°C degrees and […]

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