Turning an 8 Hour Layover Into a Vacation: Antigua Massive!🏝

Hi all!

My blog has been silent over the past few months and I must say sorry…I’ve been doing THE MOST. As a heartfelt apology, I’ll be overloading you with blog posts all at once. Lol you’re welcome.

First off, I went back home to Trinidad- a huge surprise for all my friends and family.

Expert tip: if you stay away for long enough, people really start to miss you. Like really really miss you.

Anyway, I made up my mind that I couldn’t miss Trinidad Carnival this year, so I used my hard-earned money and bought a cheap ticket to the Feteland (cite: Dieffenthaller and DuBois, 2018). The thing about cheap tickets, however, is that you probably won’t have a direct flight to your destination; especially with Virgin Atlantic Airline. On my way back to London, I had an 8 hour layover in Antigua, which I anticipated to be a nightmare (but the ticket was cheap so it was okay I guess).

As someone who doesn’t get a chance to travel very often, I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to check out another Caribbean island. I did not regret it one bit! Of course it was much more cost effective than planning an entire holiday getaway- I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for accommodation, for one.

I took a taxi to a public beach & spent the day there, before heading back to the British winter. (Shoutout to my Antiguan friend at Surrey who gave this recommendation. Big up yuhself) If I had more time (or ambition) I may have gone to a few other monuments and tourist spots, but it was nice to just sit on the beach…for free. Spent a little bit of EC$ on breakfast and transport, and that’s it!

My advice is, if you see a return flight that’s 20+ hours of transit, but the price is right…do not fear. Take a trip!