A new chapter

Hi everyone, my names Khevon Christopher. I’m from the Caribbean, Antigua to be specific and I’ll be the 2021 – 2022 experience blogger for all you guys from the Caribbean. So, just a bit about me, before I get down to blogging through out the year. I’m a Post Graduate student, in The Electrical Engineering Department and I did my undergrad degree in Trinidad.
Before I came to Surrey, I was really desperate for information. I wouldnt say I was anxious, more so I wanted to be more prepared for what came ahead, so I started binging as much info as possible to try to be more prepared and that’s how I came across this blog. It was really helpful, It felt more personal to my experience as a Caribbean person and if anything that is what I’m hoping to give a few people after me. My goal for this year is not to focus as much (at least in the early stages) on every day life at Surrey but on the process of getting to the UK and how you can make your experience more comfortable from the start, when you arrive. It depends when you find this but I know I found it in the months leading up to leaving and the whole Visa and prep process was stress! I’ll also be sprinkling in to each post my star spots in and around campus, its like places that I go that stir me in one way or another.
So I encourage you to read as many posts as you like, and I hope it puts you at a bit of an ease on the journey your about to start! 🙂