Hello from the Cayman Islands!

Hello, my name is Rosita and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Digital Marketing!

I am a new International Student Ambassador representing the Caribbean, specifically the Cayman Islands. 

I was born in the Cayman Islands and moved to the UK in 2020 to pursue my undergraduate degree at the University of Surrey in Business Management (Marketing) and I have lived here ever since. 

I am currently on the committee of the Business Society and the West Indian Society as the Wellbeing Champion/Officer and Secretary, respectively. In my free time I also enjoy yoga, volunteering, baking, recreational athletics and I am a Games Squad Member of the Surrey Angels Cheerleading society.

In the coming months I will share more information on my course, journey to the UK and life in Surrey. 

If there are any topics that you would like me to cover, feel free to let me know. 

See you in the next blog ­čÖé