Accommodation and Transportation in Guildford – Your home away from home

One of the most frequent topics I get asked when talking to prospective students is regarding accommodation and transportation. In this blog I will share the various accommodation options available, as well as transportation in Guildford.

From experience, I have only stayed in encompass accommodation. Therefore I do not have the necessary knowledge about off-campus accommodation. However, I do provide some resources.

On-campus accommodation

The university offers a variety of on-campus accommodation which is very affordable and comes fully furnished. Accommodation can be found on all three campuses – Stag Hill, Manor Park and Hazel Farm.

Stag Hill

Stag Hill is the main campus where you will also have your lectures. Accommodation on Stag Hill ranges from Band A-E, shared accommodation to private en-suites.

Stag Hill is a 10 minute walk from Guildford train station and a 20 minute walk to the town centre. On campus there is also a small shop, restaurants, a club and a bar.

Manor Park

At Manor Park, you can find Band D-F rooms as all rooms at Manor Park are en-suite. This means that you will have your own private bathroom in your room with its own shower, basin, mirror and toilet.

This campus is a 20 minute walk from the Stag Hill campus, however it is only a 10 minute walk to Tesco and the Surrey Sports Park. If you prefer to catch the bus, they run every 10 minutes and it takes roughly 15 minutes to get to campus. All students are eligible for a subsidised bus pass which reduced the cost of bus travel.

Hazel Farm

Band A and Band B accommodation can be found at Hazel Farm. There are no en-suite rooms and you will have either one or two showers and two toilets in each flat, as well as sharing a kitchen. These rooms cost less than £100 per week.

Hazel Farm is located two to three miles from the Stag Hill campus. This campus has its own laundrettes and common rooms and regular public transport to the Stag Hill campus. It is roughly a 45 minutes walk to the Stag Hill campus, however all students are eligible for a subsidised bus pass which can be used on the Stagecoach busses. You would typically have to take 2 busses (bus 2 then change to bus 1 at The Friary) to get to campus. This is a 40 minute journey.


The cost of on-campus accommodation ranged from less than £100 to more than £250 per week. When applying for accommodation you can choose which band suits your needs. There is also special accommodation to accommodate personal preferences such as quiet flats, single sex flats and alcohol-free flats.

The biggest benefit to on-campus accommodation is that the rent also includes gas, electricity and water bills, belongings insurance, internet, housecleaning, and 24/7 security.

For a list of all available accommodation options, click here.

Off-campus Accommodation

Whether you were unable to secure on campus, accommodation, or if you prefer to live independently, off-campus, there are arranged of options available.

Private house shares or flats can be found on and properties may also be advertised on Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market and various Facebook groups.

Private Student Accommodation

Below is a list of private-but student accommodation:

Securing a guarantor

Most landlord will require you to have a UK guarantor before you are able to sign a lease and for international students, this may not be an option. Luckily, the University of Surrey has partnered with Housing Hand to help UK, EU and International students provide a qualifying UK guarantor when renting in the private sector. Click here for more information.


There is a bus route that runs through the university that stops at Hazel Farm, Tesco, Royal Surrey Hospital, Manor Park (all), Surrey Sports Park, Stag Hill (all), Guildford Railway Station and the Friary.

All students are eligible for a subsidised bus pass which reduced the cost of bus travel.

Busses run every 10 minutes.

Hope this blog was insightful. See you in the next blog 🙂