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Coronavirus – Routemaps and Resilience

Susan Scholefield, CMG  Visiting Professor, Department of Politics, University of Surrey On 10th May, the Prime Minister announced his “routemap” for recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. This will be the product of intense discussions to balance complex risk assessments; to assess scientific advice and evidence; and to strengthen health, social and economic resilience at local, […]

Apathy or Commitment? Analysing Expat Voting Preferences in the 2019 European Parliament Elections

The European Parliament recently published a report surveying the attitudes of European expatriates to the 23-26 May 2019 European Parliament elections (EP 2020). We explore the expat attitudes to the EU and Brexit in terms of voting preferences and overall results.

To Blink Or Not To Blink? UK-EU Negotiation Options

Professor Amelia Hadfield, Director of the Centre for Britain and Europe, Department of Politics, University of Surrey The engines are ticking over, the course is clear, the rules have been read out, and the race into Phase 2 of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is upon us. Phase 1 moved us through the […]

All the Councils of Europe

Right after the Brexit referendum one of the popular Internet searches was ‘What is the EU?’[1]. The European political landscape is complex, and the political institutions might seem difficult to navigate. A perfect example is the three different ‘councils’ of Europe: the European Council, the Council of the European Union and the Council of Europe. […]

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