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Political Upheaval in the Netherlands: Unraveling the Controversial Dutch Elections of 2023 and the Rise of Geert Wilders

Written by Mateo Suarez-Mash (International Relations MSc) and Theano Ntokou (Public Affairs MSc) both authors have been awarded CBE Studentships An unexpected fall of the Dutch government in July 2023 resulted in an interesting electoral battle that appears to trouble the national political scene. More specifically, citizens of the Netherlands cast their votes on 22 November […]

CBE Winter Long Read

EU Climate Action: Will Europe’s New Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Make a Difference? Amelia Hadfield and Tea Zyberaj[1] The EU remains committed to its green credentials. Doing so in practice however is tough. Policies and tools, as well as a clear goal, all have to come together to inspire change. The EU’s latest approach has […]

EU Roundtable – The UK and the future of the EU

Introduction ‘Brexit’ – a word we in Britain have heard an enormous amount of times, so much so it was named word of the year in 2016 by Collins English Dictionary! It is officially defined as ‘the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union’. But what does this actually mean? Although, Brexit is a highly used word amongst […]

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