Surrey meets China

China Student Ambassadors – Haiying, Jiali and Qiancheng

萨里大学心理健康相关的服务有哪些?Mental Health service in the University of Surrey

In the university life, sometimes you may feel lonely, feel down, feel stressed or have relationship troubles, and no one to talk with.

Your emotional health is important and looking after them will ensure you get the most out of university life. The university provides easy access to wellbeing services. Here are some useful places that you can ask for help.

体验伦敦最盛大的篝火晚会之一:亚历山德拉宫烟花节Experience one of the biggest bonfire nights in London- Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival.

初到英国,也渐进伦敦的冬季,而烟火使得初冬的夜晚变得更加绚烂浪漫。每年11月5日是英国的篝火之夜,也叫篝火节,烟花节。每年这个时候,伦敦以及英国各大城市都会举办烟花节。其中伦敦最盛大的篝火之夜之一,就是亚历山德拉宫烟花节。除了烟火表演,还有许多有意思的活动,包括德国啤酒节、音乐表演和灯光秀等。今年的烟花节正好是周六,于是便提前购好票去赴这一场盛大的烟火之约。 When you first arrive in the UK, it is also winter in London, and fireworks make the early winter nights even more gorgeous and romantic. Every year, November 5 is the bonfire night, also called Bonfire Festival and Fireworks Festival in England. At this time, London and other major cities in the UK will […]

探寻英国宗教文化之门:坎特伯雷 Explore the religious gate of UK – Canterbury

八月中旬的南英格兰,有几天非常炎热,没有装备空调的室内仿佛蒸笼一般,所以我决定去东南肯特郡的海边去游览历史文化名城坎特伯雷(基督教进入英伦三岛的起点)和英国距离欧洲大陆最近的一座海港城-多弗尔,去探索这两座分别为宗教文化上与地理上的英国之门,领略浓郁的近海风情。从中学的历史与文学课本上,我最初对于英国文学与语言的了解就来自于《坎特伯雷故事集》,它被广泛认为是现代通俗英语定型的标志,里面的一些诙谐而又通俗易懂的故事展现了一幅宽广的社会生活图景,从小就让我对这里充满了好奇与兴趣。所以在计划这次短途旅行前我并没有多想,直接就把这里作为我的目的地。 In mid-August, South England was very hot for a few days. The room without air conditioning was like a steamer, so I decided to go to the Southeast Kent to visit the historical and cultural city of Canterbury (the starting point for Christianity to enter the British Isles), explore the British religious and cultural […]

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