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LEGO® construction, Spatial thinking and Maths achievement

Introducing the BLOCS project LEGO® is a popular and accessible toy which features in many homes and classrooms, and thus the use of Lego in research is met with enthusiasm for both practical and motivational reasons. Research has consistently shown a relationship between children’s block construction skills (using Lego or similar toys) and their maths abilities. […]

Me Human: The Big Discussion

Katie Gilligan from the CoGDeV lab attended Me, Human: The Big Discussion at the Science Museum on September 19th. Her blog below outlines some of the highlights of the event.  Overview of the eventThe Me, Human event has been running in the Science Museum for the past two months. This event which is open to members of the public, […]

Neurodevelopmental Disorder Annual Seminar 2019, University of Surrey.

NDAS was hosted this year by co-founder and CoGDeV Lab Director Professor Emily Farran at the University of Surrey. Across 28 talks and 25 posters, the day attracted a wide array of fascinating research from large-scale genetics studies to neuroimaging research to research on transitioning between primary and secondary school, which facilitated much discussion about […]

NDAS19 Workshop: Open Science, Power and Reproducibility in Neurodevelopmental Disorder Research, Friday 21st June 2019, University of Surrey.

The NDAS workshop was the second part of a two-day Neurodevelopmental Disorders Annual Seminar (NDAS19) showcasing the progress of research in neurodevelopmental disorders in the UK. Morning sessions introduced many open science and reproducibility concepts in the context of neurodevelopmental disorder research and beyond. Hannah Hobson discussed the difficulty of achieving substantial power due to […]

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