-From Cyprus to Surrey{Introduction}…

Are you applying to university any minute now? Have you still got important decisions to make? Is it stressing you out?

Then you have come to the right place my friend! The University of Surrey could potentially be your home for the next couple of years and I am here to give you an honest insight on life as a student in Guildford.

As high school/college is coming to an end and the big day of moving out of the nest is getting closer, you will go through a journey which I am not going to lie to you will be long and nerve wracking. From choosing your university and writing up your personal statement to actually settling in this higher education and independence system will probably be the toughest transition of your life so far. However, I can assure you that it will be totally worth it and that here at Surrey you will receive all the help you might need. I am fully aware of all the thoughts and feelings that are running through your head right now as you leave our little island (Cyprus) and move to England. Therefore, I have decided that this week I am going to share my experience of my first week at the University of Surrey with you. As you arrive into Guildford I can guarantee you that you will be entering a peaceful and welcoming environment, which will automatically make you feel safe. Coming from at the time the 5th safest country in the world, safety was a matter that I was highly concerned about and I was relieved to have found a calm and quiet place like this one. On to the moving in weekend, this is a tiring process wherever you decide to go, both parents and students are enrolling, collecting keys, unpacking and attempting to get as much done as possible before the first night event of Fresher’s. On the day you will be delighted to see for yourself that every year we have got a group of students who we call “Fresher’s Angels” that volunteer to help you find your way around campus and move your stuff in your accommodation. At the end of this particularly exhausting day it is now time to say goodbye to your family and hello to your flatmates for the year. I can tell you for certain that the first week will fly by so enjoy it and meet as many people as possible. During the day you will attend welcoming talks and all sorts of informational lectures on your course and the university itself and at night you will celebrate the beginning of this new chapter with a different event every night planned by the student union. A little piece of advice, make the most of it before it’s long gone and although an emotional and exhausting week it will be a defining one.

This week’s tip:

Broaden your horizons! Try to interact with a wide range of people from various backgrounds, learn from their cultures and respect your differences after all no matter what colour, language, religion or race you are we are all human and we all have something to learn from each other.

From the following week and every week I will be writing about a number of topics concerning the life as a student at the University of Surrey.
Do not hesitate to comment/email us with any questions!

Till next time. Take care!