Christmas spent in the UK

Hello everyone,

I know it has been a while since my last update as I was quite busy with Christmas and exams. Today I would like to write about my Christmas holiday! I haven’t gone to Cyprus for several reasons! First I knew I was going to be quite busy with the exams and I didn’t want to add to the stress of exams by travelling during the times of Covid! The other reason was because I knew Christmas here was going to be magnificent in the UK! I love all the Christmas decorations and festive spirit of Christmas holiday! Before our Christmas Holiday began the international ambassadors team held an amazing dinner in Wateshouse on campus with Christmas Crackers and all! For those of you who don’t know what Christmas Crackers are ,(I didn’t know before so it was a great learning opportunity for me) they are festive table decorations that make a snapping sound when pulled open, and often contain a small gift, paper hat and a joke . We also get to socialise with all the other student ambassadors which was quite nice. We talked a lot about food, our cultures and our courses. The dinner was amazing as well. I am a vegan and everyone was so considerate of my diet and they made it so easy for me. They asked about dietary requirements and displayed vegan dishes separately. They were very tasty and even all the desserts were vegan too! I can’t thank enough to the International Ambassador Team for such a wonderful social! Fast forward to the actual Christmas Day, I travelled to London to see my relatives! I took the train to Waterloo first and then tube to Islington which is where they live. Transportation in London is so easy and very convenient  which is a huge relief for me after years and years of struggling in Cyprus transportation system. I spent a few nights at Islington and as well as celebrating the wonderful Christmas there too with my relatives. We had a great Christmas dinner and they had vegan ones for me too. Then my relatives took me to South London to see my Dad’s friends family! They welcomed me really nicely and even though we are not closely related they are still my family and it felt so good to be with family after a long while of being at University. I spent a few days in South London too and we went to shopping and even though the Christmas was over the festive spirit was still around! Unfortunately I had to come back before new years as I needed a rest before the exams! My exams started on 10th of January and finishes on 25th of January. After the exam week we have a reading week for the next term which allows students to rest for a week after the tough and challenging exam week.

Till next time 



Christmas Tree at my dad’s friends house