Malthus Dinner 2022

Hello everyone, 

Today I would like to talk about formal Malthus Dinner which is organised by School of Economics. Malthus Dinner is one of the highlights of Faculty of Economics where students, lecturers and alumni come together for an exciting dinner full of fun conversations, dancing, meeting with new people and making connections. In the previous years, the Malthus Dinner was organized by Economics and Finance Society committee but this year we had volunteer students from the Economics Department. I was in the organising committee for this years Malthus dinner together with Lim Li and Chloe Chang as the lead organisers and Aminah Chowdhury, Saad Mazaar, Sonak Patel as the executive planners of the event. The event consisted of 3-course meal at Guildford Harbour Hotel with over 150 guests for the night. As the committee, we started planning the dinner a month before the event took place. As the committee member my responsibilities were finding the DJ for the night, arranging the seating plan in accordance with requests from students and staff to be placed together and selling the raffle tickets to our guests to raise money for charity. I am proud to say we managed to sell over 330 tickets to raise £250 for UNICEF. Although the event began at 7pm, I was there at 2pm, helping the rest of the committee with decorating the venue before our guests arrived. We also had alumni Michael Sneyd as the guest speaker. He gave a speech about the sector and how University of Surrey helped him excel as an economist through various special needs support that he has not been previously offered. I have also developed many skills such as problem solving, organization and public speaking skills so my advice is to volunteer yourself as much as possible during your time in university! I promise you will not regret it and you will also make loads of friends! I would also like to add that the past committee member and ex president and treasurer of EFS Connor encouraged me to run for the Treasurer of the Economics and Finance Society for 2022/23 and I would like to thank him for being so supportive and active. A big thank you for every member of this years committee for making the night memorable and I love you all! 

Much love, 

Cemsu xxx

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