Travelling back to Guildford

Hello everyone! 

I hope you have had the best summer holiday! In this blog I will be talking about the travel back to the UK from Cyprus. First of all, I had to travel early as my tenancy ended in August so I had to come to move my belongings to the new house. I live in a private shared house in Guildford. As August is the time where everyone books flights to Cyprus, the ticket prices are the highest so finding an affordable flight wasn’t easy on the dates I wanted to travel. I booked the flight for approximately for £120 which was more than double the price I paid for the flight ticket to Cyprus. As much as I hate Wizzair, I had to book from them again as the tickets from other airlines was starting from £200. My flight again was delayed with Wizzair for about 2 hours and it was an afternoon flight. The train from Gatwick to Guildford usually takes about half an hour and is direct. Unfortunately, because of the flight delay, my plane landed at half past 11 and the last train left around the same time as well. It was already 12 pm till we left the plane and picked up my suitcase from checked-in baggages. What I found really surprising is that Uber was unresponsive in Gatwick area which is a contradiction to Guildford as I always find Uber in Guildford no matter the time and taxis were charging around £100 to my house in Guildford, with an hour of waiting time for the taxis as well. This all meant I had to wait for the first train in the morning till 5 am. I spent the night at the Gatwick airport. My advice to both everyone and my future self is if you are flying with Wizzair to Gatwick, never ever book the afternoon flight as the delays ALWAYS happen with this company and you will miss the last train to Guildford. Fortunately Marks and Spencers were open 24/7 at Gatwick with lots of tasty vegan options so I spent the night eating tasty vegan food and talking with my friends and family on the phone. Finally when I arrived at my house, I took a very nice shower and nap in the morning. Next day, I met with my friends I haven’t seen for weeks when I was in Cyprus, which was very nice. 

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