Forthcoming Event: ‘Anglo-Saxon Studies at IMC #25’, International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, Monday 2 July,19.00-20.00.

‘Anglo-Saxon Studies at IMC #25: Looking Back, Looking Forward’

Organiser and Chair: Catherine A. M. Clarke (Southampton)

Participants: Stewart J. Brookes (Cambridge), Megan Cavell (Birmingham), Peter Darby (Nottingham), Adam Miyashiro (Stockton, New Jersey), Jenny Neville (Royal Holloway), Daniel Thomas (Oxford), Diane Watt (Surrey).

Sponsor: Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture, University of Southampton
This round table session takes the opportunity of the 25th International Medieval Congress to look back at Anglo-Saxon Studies over the past 25 years, and to look ahead to the future of the field. As a starting-point, members of the panel will each respond to a paper title from the first Leeds IMC in 1994. How has thinking in our disciplines changed or developed since then? What conversations are continuing, and where have agendas shifted? Our discussion will also focus on the future of Anglo-Saxon Studies, and the challenges and opportunities we face. How can we better foster inclusivity and diversity? What new conversations do we need to open up? Where do we hope to see the field in another 25 years? Anyone with an interest in Anglo-Saxon Studies is most welcome to attend and join the discussion.