Governing Plastics Network

Updates and insights from the war against plastic in seven developing nations

Plastics: The New Coal of Warming World

Previous blogs in our COP26 series have outlined the links between plastic pollution and climate change. Here, The University of Surrey’s Shashi Kant Yadav explains why this relationship is actually much deeper and much more insidious than you might have realised. “If plastics were a country, it would be the world’s fifth-largest greenhouse gas emitter, […]

Let us solve plastic pollution and climate change simultaneously

In the first week of COP26, Irene Maithya of Moi University, Kenya takes a timely deeper dive into the relationship between plastic pollution and the global environmental crisis. Plastics What comes to mind when you think about plastic? You may think about how convenient it is when you pick up your takeout order, your Personal […]

Love plastics? Hate climate change?

Professor Rosalind Malcolm, co-director of the Governing Plastics Network, opens our coverage of COP26 by explaining why plastic pollution and climate change are all part of the same wicked problem, one driven by a culture of unsustainable consumption. The environmental crisis currently being discussed at the COP26 conference in Glasgow has many causes, and our […]

Policy Briefs – Rwanda

More than half of Africa’s 54 nations are now pursuing some form of anti-plastic legislation. Amongst these how has Rwanda, a country with a particularly troubled history, become informally known as one of the cleanest on the planet? Rwanda was one of the first of its neighbours to take up the fight against plastic pollution, […]

Welcome to the Governing Plastics Network blog

In the inaugural blog post the Governing Plastics Network‘s Director, Professor Nicholas Oguge of the University of Nairobi, Kenya, presents an overview of the current challenges facing African nations in their fight against plastic pollution. Perspectives on Plastic Governance from Africa – Critical areas INTRODUCTION In Africa, plastic is ubiquitous across most facets of the […]

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