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Updates and insights from the war against plastic in seven developing nations

As INC-3 closed, the ‘Nairobi Spirit’ faltered and Members are now forced to address the elephant in the room

As time is called on the INC-3 negotiations in Nairobi to build the first global plastics treaty, much has been achieved but the stances of opposing coalitions remain as implacable as ever and the lack of a mandate for intersessional work puts a heavy burden on INC-4 and 5 in Canada and Korea to build […]

Contact Groups overrun as the clock ticks down on INC-3

On the final day of contact groups, time is running out for compiling amendments to the zero draft and a vote to allow vital intersessional work to pave the way for INC-4 looms. Then comes a timely reminder that the natural world too is a stakeholder in the fight against plastic pollution, as monkeys invade […]

When one paragraph became four – Revised Zero Draft text released with significant streamlining needed

Day 5 of the INC-3 talks in Nairobi to build the first global plastic treaty saw precious momentum lost to delays and procedural difficulties due to the sheer volume of required revisions to the draft – but no lack of resolve or good intentions to overcome these obstacles. Sam Winton reports on the hopes and […]

Significant work still to be done, but the ‘Nairobi Spirit’ brings progress

The INC-3 UN Plastics treaty negotiations in Nairobi are reaching a critical point, with majority consensus on many key issues and opposition from small but implacable groups of delegates remaining. Sam Winton provides an insider’s view of the current state of progress and what to expect from the remainder of the week. Day 4 of […]

Areas of consensus and divergence becoming clear at INC-3

The mid-point of the week’s INC-3 negotiations in Kenya saw delegates dividing into contact groups to focus on specific challenges and side-events working to ensure key issues, such as re-use, are part of the conversation. Sam Winton, reporting from Nairobi, looks back on a day marked by both consensus-building and increasing polarisation on key sticking […]

Substantive discussions get underway at INC-3

Day three of the UN global plastics treaty talks in Kenya saw progress being made on substantive issues, including the crucial question of how to pay for the treaty to be implemented. Sam Winton reports from the INC-3 negotiations in Nairobi, outlining what has been achieved so far and the enormous task that still lies […]

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