Governing Plastics Network

Updates and insights from the war against plastic in seven developing nations

Policy briefs: Uganda

In June this year Uganda became the first nation in Africa to join the 63 signatories of UNEP’s Clean Seas Campaign. Though landlocked, Uganda sits atop Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater ecosystem in Africa, a natural wonder which is both crucial to the country’s economy and the final destination of much of the single use […]

Plastic fuels Climate Change: COP26 and the underrepresented issue of Plastic pollution

What lies behind Net Zero? In her personal account of attending COP26, The University of Surrey’s Lydia Milly Certa asks which topics were left off the main agenda – and why. ‘Plastic fuels Climate Change’. This slogan was printed on the face masks of one the activists who went to COP 26 to put forward […]

Radical Action; Is this what it takes to Beat Plastic Pollution and Climate Change?

Plastic pollution knows no borders so beating it requires all nations and all levels of society to play their part. In the wake of COP26, Hellen Omondi of the University of Nairobi in Kenya looks at what can be learned from the successes and failures of East Africa’s efforts to curb plastic waste. It is […]

Keeping carbon in the ground means tackling plastics pollution

Can plastic be usefully addressed as a man-made extension of the carbon life cycle? The University of Surrey’s Dr Noreen O’Meara argues that learning the right lessons from COP26 requires a more contextualised view of the problems of a fossil-fueled economy and a better understanding of what recycling can and cannot do to help solve […]


How can environmental activists persuade governments to address the issues of climate change and plastic pollution as the inextricable problems they are? Irene Maithya of Kenya’s Moi University looks at two key figures making waves on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Plastic Pollution Scientists are warning politicians and stakeholders immersed in climate change policy not […]

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