Supportive Surrey

I am Anju and I’m currently doing my Masters in Environmental Psychology in the University of Surrey. The Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences provides numerous opportunities for students to take part in lectures and seminars related to different strands of Psychology which helps us gain a wider knowledge in the field. I cannot begin to describe the reasons why I like the University of Surrey, as they are countless, but some of the highlighting factors will be the constant support I have received from the university starting from the application stage to this very day. The various services in and out of the university that help international students settle in and provide them with the best moving in experience is something that completely made me content with choosing this place. Staying miles away from home and family and adjusting to a new environment with different cultures and lifestyles was a major concern to me before reaching the UK but the amount of support and care the university provides for international students made me speechless. The international welcome week and the induction week were the best two weeks I have had since being here at the university.

I stay in university accommodation at Hazel Farm, which is about 5 miles from the university, where we are a small closely-packed community of 250-300 students where everyone knows everyone, which makes it all the more enjoyable. Being a full-time postgraduate student, the syllabus is packed with lectures and assignments, but I found time to join a few societies run by the Students’ Union. There are a 100+ societies dedicated to various genres, each one of which is unique on its own. I am presently a part of three societies – Christian Union, Indian Students Association and Tedx University of Surrey. I came across these societies during the fresher’s fayre conducted in the university campus during the welcome week to introduce the societies to the fresher students. I cannot be more excited about what is to come next, as I am already having the time of my life here at this amazing place.