Unanticipated visit to London Eye

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Hi Guys,

Hope you are doing well. It has been so long that I wrote to you, I was busy with my exams and promise to be in touch regularly from now. I’m so lucky to be in the University today because it snowed heavily yesterday night and University looks like it has been painted white.

I had a good time in this semester and did my exams well. How many of you believe that bad sleep before the exam is not good?

I know many of you start studying the day before the exam and I’m not an exception for it. But after a strange experience I’ve decide to go to bed as early as possible before the exams. It happened on my Financial Accounting exam; I slept very late at around 2 in the night and woke up very late. I slept so badly that my alarm couldn’t disturb my sleep. There it started firstly missed my bus, secondly got into a Super-fast train and dint know it wouldn’t stop until it reaches London. I was afraid that I may miss the exam and was trying to figure out possible ways to get to University ASAP. Luckily, the same was coming to back to Guildford and when I came to know it, I was literally dancing in the train. On the way to London I suddenly could see the ┬áLondon Eye. I dint know how to react and couldn’t believe if that was true. I rubbed my eyes twice and looked at it, yes it was London Eye. I totally forgot about the bad start and was so happy. Everything went fine from then, I could reach University 30 mins prior to my exam and did it very well. I don’t know whether going to bed late was good or bad but going late made me visit “The Great London Eye”.

See you again with more updates.

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