My Firsts..

Hey Everyone!


I am Sadhana, one of the two new Indian ambassadors for this year, doing my Masters in Environmental Psychology. Yes, that does sound fascinating! I have to say that Uni of Surrey is the only university I’ve found which offers this course and I feel lucky to have found it and be a part of it! To tell you a little more about myself, I am from Mysore; I studied Architecture for my undergrad; This is my second experience living away from home; I live in the uni accommodation – on Manor Park Campus; And I Absolutely love this town and the university!


I had to look at my receipts and journal to remind myself what I did in my first week here mainly because It feels like I’ve been here for months now. The very first day (this particular memory keeps popping up) I had a stranger – a student of course, on the Manor Park campus, help me drag my heavy suitcase to my court, my building and my flat. I had no idea who she was, she had no clue where I emerged from in that cold, but we talked and we walked. It was so simple – meeting somebody new, making a conversation with them, getting acquainted and helping each other out. In spite of having a reputation of being a social butterfly, I confess that the one thing that had me worrying the most about coming here, was People. How will I survive with strangers? I guess we all eventually figure it out – some of us talk to everybody, some choose their crowd.


My first day here was eventful. The bunch of Indian students I met at the Meet and Greet Programme went out hunting to the town for our Resident Permits, all equipped with documents. We skipped our campus tour to get our cards, but I’m glad I got to the town that day. I learnt about my new friends’ shared interests and immense love towards eating new and fancy meals and I shopped to make up for all the things I left back at home. And I remember we chose to ride the bus instead of walking home with that heavy tummy and shopping bags. That day saw my first visit to the campus, first visit to the town, first meal outside, first round of shopping, first bus ride, first visit to Tesco – the popular-among-students supermarket and finally first meal we cooked together. Quite a start, right?



My First Meal Outside


First Meal We Cooked Together


There’s lots that happened in the first two weeks, the Meet and Greet Programme, International Orientation Programme, our Welcome Week, my induction to the master’s programme and of course all the social events and parties which I will tell you more about soon! It was quite overwhelming to take it all in at once, but I must admit that the thing that calmed me the most and kept me going is the beautiful and colourful trees that I had around me! You know the University has a lake, right? Here are a few pictures I clicked of the Campus.


No Filter Phone Pictures!


I Call It The Fall Collection


There you go! More info soon!

See you! xx