International Forum

Welcome to the international Forum! This page hosts a range of outputs, including blogs, vlogs and podcasts that reflect my thoughts in relation to my role as Dean International. This will include global trends in both foreign affairs and higher education, post-Brexit changes as they impact students and educators, the UK’s relations with Europe and the world 2021+, and the new partnership initiatives being undertaken by the University of Surrey with universities around the world.

UK & Europe 2021 : Highlights and Lowlights

It’s a privilege as Dean International to reflect on some of the key political challenges that have arisen across 2021 here in the UK and across Europe, as well as reviewing key developments that we’ve undertaken in the University of Surrey. Covid & National Governments: The Politics of Crisis In tackling the second year of […]

Moving on Up: the Benefits of International Mobility

International prospects are vital. For students, the chance to travel abroad to study and work is unparalleled: it provides them with a range of new experiences, understanding and contacts that positively affect their studies and can influence their post-graduation opportunities. Students themselves have become increasingly mobile, building travel into every aspect of their development, from […]

Unrest in the US has prompted soul-searching in Europe

The following blog appeared in The Conversation on 18 January 2021: In the wake of the shocking events in Washington, DC, the EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, published a blog laden with sound and fury, beseeching Europeans to heed the “wake-up call for all democracy advocates around the world world” and to “stand up immediately to every […]

Spring Hopefulness for 2021? Dean International Inaugural Blog

Three things fill me with hope for 2021. First, the increasingly likely chances that a number of the recently-developed vaccines will be widely available, allowing a return to some (if not all) pre-Covid freedoms. Second, recent research suggesting that international students retain positive attitudes to those countries like the UK who have remained open during […]