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In this post I’m going to write about the differences between different price bands of University of Surrey Accommodation as well as information about Stag Hill campus, Manor Park site and Hazel Farm site in addition to Guildford.

Most of the students share a kitchen with between 6-15 other students, but everyone has their own bedroom and key, so the bedrooms are private. There are more than 6000 rooms which are on Stag Hill campus, Manor Park site and Hazel Farm site.

Stag Hill campus

Stag Hill campus is where there are most of the University’s academic and teaching facilities as well as around 3000 of the rooms covering most price bands. In addition, there are Social and Leisure facilities on the campus. Stag Hill campus is the closest site to town centre and you can get to town centre by walking around 10 minutes. Below, there are some pictures from Stag Hill campus.

Manor Park site

This site includes only en-suite accommodation as well as Surrey Sports Park, School of Veterinary Medicine and other social and leisure facilities. Manor Park is about a mile from the Stag Hill campus. (15-minute stroll or a few minutes on a bus or bike). There are some pictures below from Manor Park site.

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Hazel Farm site

This site is about 3 miles from the Stag Hill campus which means transport should be considered if you want to live on Hazel Farm. In addition, the site is surrounded by private housing and includes the best value single rooms with price of only £72 per week (2021-22) which is the lowest price single accommodation you are likely to find anywhere. Below, there are some pictures from Hazel Farm.


Over half of the rooms are en-suite and the rest are shared bathroom with the flatmates. There are different price bands which start from band A, which is the cheapest one, to band F, which are the studio flats and the most expensive price band. The rents include energy bills, broadband Wi-Fi, insurance, maintenance, weekly cleaning of the communal areas of your flat and other services. All rooms are fully furnished with a bed, desk, chair, reading lamp, bookshelf and storage for clothes and the kitchens have cooker, oven, fridge, freezer microwave, kettle, toaster, iron and ironing board.

The University provides a 24/7 security presence throughout all residential courts and University of Surrey campus is one of the safest campuses in the UK. The University has the residential mentoring scheme which is for receiving advice and support from our peers. Moreover, the Accommodation team and receptions can help with any queries. The tenancy lengths align with the length of the programme of study which is a big advantage, so you don’t have to rent the room for longer than you need it and if you go home for Easter or Christmas, you can keep your belongings in your room.

New undergraduate and postgraduate students who apply by the deadline are guaranteed accommodation (not a first come first served basis) and postgraduate students’ tenancies are 50 weeks because of the length of their programmes.

Allocation of rooms take place when your place at University is confirmed and this is usually when A level results are published.

Room bands

  • Band A

There are two types of band A which are 1. Band A Shared (spilt-level shared rooms) and 2. Band A (budget rooms).

The first band A is 172 rooms on Stag Hill campus and is shared with another person on another level in the same room and is £72 per week (2021-22). Front bedroom is shared with the other person, both residents have their own space separated by a flight of stairs and have individual broadband services. These shared rooms are in Stag Hill court in a house of ten room. Two of these rooms are shared duplex rooms (for four students) sharing a shower room with washbasin and toilet. The kitchen facilities are shared with all residents of the house. Below, there are some pictures of this room.

The second band A is budget rooms at hazel Farm. There are 224 rooms of this type at Hazel Farm and its difference with the first band A is that they are single rooms and are not shared and the price is £75 per week (2021-22). There are typically seven rooms in each two-storey house with a kitchen, shower and two toilets Resident parking is available at Hazel Farm. Below, there are some pictures of this room type.

  • Band B: standard single rooms

They are basic single rooms at Hazel Farm. There are 132 of band B at Hazel Farm and its difference with band A budget is that band B is bigger, and most band B rooms have washbasins in the room, but band A rooms don’t have washbasins in the rooms. The price is £88 per week (2021-22) Band B rooms at Hazel Farm are typically located in two-storey houses shared by six students. Each house has two showers and a kitchen/living room. There are some pictures below of bad B.

  • Band C

There are 1458 of these standard single rooms in Battersea Court, Surrey Court, Cathedral Court, Stag Hill Court, Twyford Court and University Court on Stag Hill campus and they are bigger than band B and A. The price is £101-£110 per week (2021-22)

Battersea and Surrey Courts typically comprise four or five-storey houses with between 5 and 15 single rooms and a kitchen on each floor. Most rooms have a washbasin, and each floor shares three toilets and three showers.

Cathedral Court: Each block typically has three or four floors of seven rooms, each with a washbasin, a kitchen, two shared showers and two toilets.

Stag Hill Court has 43 terraced houses each with a large kitchen, six single rooms without washbasins and two split-level (duplex) rooms (Band A-Shared). The single rooms are arranged in pairs sharing an adjacent shower room with toilet and washbasin

Twyford Court has flats of five rooms all with washbasins, sharing a kitchen and two shower rooms and two toilets.

University Court houses have levels with sections containing four rooms without washbasins, sharing a shower room and two toilets.

There are some pictures below of band C.

  • Band D (en-suite rooms)

Band D rooms are en-suite rooms on Manor Park and Stag Hill campus. The majority of band D en-suite rooms are on our Manor Park campus, including Bellerby Court; plus, there are Band D en-suite rooms in University, Twyford, Millennium House on Stag Hill campus. All band D rooms have an en-suite shower room with toilet and washbasin. Most Band D rooms are in flats of five to eight students sharing a kitchen. There are 990 rooms on Stag Hill campus and 2574 at Manor Park. The price is £150-£162 per week (2021-22)

Manor Park offers well equipped en-suite rooms in shared flats from three to nine students, sharing a kitchen-diner.

Bellerby Court: This Court is approximately ¾ mile (1.5km) from campus on a quiet location on the edge of our Manor Park campus. The three, three-storey buildings each have six flats of six rooms with a shared kitchen.

Twyford Court has seven modern three-storey houses mostly arranged in floors of 12 en-suite rooms sharing a large kitchen-diner.

University Court has more than 300 en-suite rooms in 17 houses with two or three floors of 10 to 15 students sharing a kitchen/diner.

Millennium House has 34 flats each with six en-suite rooms and a shared kitchen.

Below, there are some pictures of band D.

Millennium House Band D
  • Band E (enhanced en-suite rooms)

They are enhanced en-suite rooms at Manor Park and Stag Hill campus. There are 27 of these rooms on Stag Hill campus and 306 at Manor Park and they have a mini fridge in the room. The price is £188-£194 per week (2021-22). Band E rooms are approximately 50% bigger than Band D rooms so are ideal for students who have more belongings or want more space to study or relax but are limited in number. The rooms are mainly located at Manor Park with a few on campus in University Court. Pictures below of this band

  • Band F (studio flats)

They are studio flats at Manor Park campus. There are 156 studio flats at Manor Park and they can be used either by one person or a couple. The price is £238 per week (2021-22). Studio flats are self-contained flats with combined living, sleeping, kitchenette area and an en-suite shower/bathroom

These rooms have a double bed, and an en-suite shower room with toilet and washbasin. Located in flats of three to nine rooms sharing a kitchen, although most are in flats of seven rooms. There are two pictures below from this band.


The pictures below show typical shared kitchen facilities. The kitchens are important communal areas for flats – this is where you will cook, eat, wash up and, most importantly spend time with your housemates.


Guildford is a busy and beautiful town and the campus has very limited parking, however public transport is great and all Stag Hill campus, Manor Park site and Hazel Farm site are connected by bus services and safe walking and cycle routes. You can get a good discount for the bus pass as you’re a student. Additionally, Guildford is close to Heathrow and Gatwick airports as well as London. Below, there are some pictures from Guildford.

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