Remember, Remember 13th November! Athens passwords will expire on that date

 Please note that staff or students who have joined the University since July 2006 will not have been issued with a Classic Athens account, so can safely ignore this message!If you are still using a “Classic” Athens password to login to e-journals, e-books and online databases, please switch to the new AthensDA system NOW, as your Athens account will expire on 6th November 2006. Your new AthensDA account has already been enabled – you can now login to these online resources using your IT Services username and password (the one that you use to login to your university e-mail account). See for the AthensDA login point and a link to Athens FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Resources with additional registration requirements
Some e-resources require an additional registration to be completed after you have logged in with Athens. These include ScienceDirect, Mintel, ESDS, and Census Resources. Since your AthensDA account is effectively a new account, you will need to register once more when you login for the first time with AthensDA.

ScienceDirect – before linking directly to e-journals on ScienceDirect off campus (e.g. through the e-journals A-Z list) please go to, then login using the small Athens login link at the top right of the screen, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the short registration process. You will only need to do this once.

Mintel – when you login with AthensDA the first time, you will be prompted to fill in a registration form, and will be e-mailed with a confirmation message shortly after you have completed this. You will only need to do this once.

ESDS – if you wish to transfer your existing registration, rather than set up a new account, please e-mail

Census Resources – if you wish to transfer your existing registration, rather than set up a new account, please e-mail

Personalised searches and alerts
If you have set up personalised automated searches and alerts, you may wish to request that they are transferred to your new AthensDA account, rather then setting them up again from scratch. This process can only be carried out by the service provider / publisher. Please contact them directly for assistance. Contact e-mail addresses can usually be found within the “Help” section of service provider’s websites.
For example:

Web of Knowledge

If you have problems using the new system, most queries can be answered by looking at the FAQ in the Quick Links box at and we suggest you look here first, but if you still have difficulties, please contact