New Online Resources for the New Academic Year!

The following online resources have recently been added to the Library’s collection for the new academic year:

Blackwell Reference Online: Contains the full text of the latest edition of the 12 volume Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management, as well as 22 other Blackwell “Handbooks” and “Companions” in the subject area of Business & Management.

Knovel: Database containing over 1000 full text books in materials science and engineering.

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition: Full text access (not including updates). An international bibliographic database with extensive coverage of biomedical and pharmacological literature. Over 7,000 journals from over 70 countries indexed to create 11 million+ EMBASE records from 1974-present and 7 million+ unique MEDLINE records from 1966-present.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Full content access to the Springer series in computing (over 4,500 books).

HeinOnline Law Journals: Historical legal research database spanning multiple library collections in law and law-related subjects, including reports, periodicals, legislation and legal classics.

Digimap – Ordnance Survey Collection: Digital mapping database based on selected Ordnance Survey map products, with full coverage of Great Britain for all of those products.

FIAF – International Film Archive database: Contains article citations from over 300 film-related periodicals, with coverage from 1972 onwards and spanning several databases including International Index to Film, International Index to TV Periodicals, Treasures from the Film Archives, International Directory of Film/TV and Bibliography of FIAF Members Publications.

See the Online Database Alphabetical Listing webpage for more information about access on & off campus.