Students – avoid the panic of finding the books you need for your reading and essays are already out….why not check to see if the book you want is available online?

Your library buys thousands of e-books (electronic copies of the print book) every year just for you. Not only do we make them freely available to you we ensure that you can access the e-books whenever and wherever you like through the internet.

So before you panic and before you spend ages photocopying, check the library catalogue to see if your reading list books are also available to you online.

Simply go to the Library Catalogue and do a search by author, title, keyword etc and then look out for the computer disc symbol alongside the title. Alternatively, choose “Electronic Books” as the collection you want to limit your search by first. Once you have found your book, click on the “e-link”, put in your university username and password and start reading.

You can print out bits (not all!) of the e-book and copy relevant quotes or sections into your essays (and use tools that do the referencing for you). You can also search within the e-book using keywords and find bits that are relevant to you without having to read the whole chapter and search for other books that might help you with your essays.

For example, if you are on a business and management course you will probably have a marketing module or module about managing people. At we have bought access to the following e-books that are on reading lists.

Not your subject area? Check out what e-books are available for your subject, free for you to use through the Library, via the Library Catalogue or our Electronic Books webpage.

*Please note, to read e-books from the ebrary package, you will need to download some software onto your computer. Please see the E-books webpage for information on how to do this.