Heating in Library Building: 9th-11th November

Ongoing work is currently being carried out to replace the heating/cooling equipment in the Library, leading to low temperatures in the building. This should be completed by Thursday 11th November. We apologise for the inconvenience particularly during the current cold weather and suggest wearing warmer clothing if working for long periods in the building. Thank you for your patience.

Further Background from Estates & Facilities

As you will be aware the University is fully committed to utilising energy as efficiently as possible and reducing its carbon footprint. The current work being undertaken on the George Edwards (West) end of the University Library is another project in the improvement process.We are replacing the very large, 30 year old Air Handling plant and controls that supplies heated or cooled air to the George Edwards building with more efficient modern counterparts. This means that in future the ventilation rate will track the occupancy of the building reducing energy usage and the impact of over heating or over cooling in certain areas.

We have obtained some supported Government funding for this work which must be used by the end of the year which has set the programme. We are currently in the middle of this very tight 9 weeks duration of work and are in the 2 week window that most affects the temperature in the space. The temperature will have dropped over the past 2 weeks as the old unit serving the George Edwards building with heating has been removed and a new unit lifted into position.

This work was carried out over the weekend of the 6/7th to minimise impact on use of the building. We are currently pushing hard to re-establish heating connections and get the fan working again to supply warm air to the space. This is planned to be completed by Thursday 11th November. Once re-established we can then continue onto complete the works fully without further impact on the space itself.

If required any major impact works, as with the new power supply and the lifting operations, these will be carried out were possible, outside normal operating hours. The hot water service to the George Edwards Toilet core is also affected during this period as it is also being replaced. It will take a little longer to re-establish as further equipment is needed to be fitted on this system.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused particularly during this period of colder weather and have arranged to increase the temperature in the East End of the building to help counteract the impact in some way. We would suggest that if working in the Library for any extended period warmer clothing is worn over the next few days. Thank you for your patience in this matter and you have our undertaking that we will complete these works as soon as possible.

Julian Grayland
Principal Mechanical Engineer
Estates and Facilities